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Funding Opportunities:

There is an amazing number of grant funding opportunities out there. Grantors look for partnerships with organizations that can solve challenging problems. Your organization will have a competitive chance at securing grant funding if it has resources and services that can offer a grantor a solution.

The key to finding an appropriate grantor is understanding who benefits from your proposed grant work. If there is a problem that your organization can solve, it is likely that there is a grantor also seeking a solution to the same problem.

Funding opportunities highlighted here are handpicked by our grants researchers. They should be of interest to anyone seeking to enhance and improve the use of technology in education in the California Community Colleges.

This section has links to state grants, federal grants, private foundations, and corporate givers. We also provide links to funding databases that we find useful.

Please note: we work to ensure that all information provided is accurate and current. However, the Web site's and contacts of the granting organization are the final authority and should be referenced directly for grant proposal instructions.