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CCC Technology Committees: Systemwide Architecture Committee

The Systemwide Architecture Committee (SAC) provides technical expertise for planning the development and growth of the systemwide information-technology (IT) infrastructure for California Community Colleges (CCC).

The systemwide IT infrastructure consists of those elements of technology (in the form of hardware, software, applications, practices, and standards) that are implemented throughout the CCC system.

Broad objectives for the IT infrastructure are to facilitate student interaction with the community college system, to enhance collaboration among the community colleges and other elements of the California educational system, and to provide services in a cost-effective manner.

SAC is a subcommittee of the Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC). SAC works in close coordination with TTAC to develop strategic plans, policies, implementation strategies, practices, and standards regarding the systemwide implementation of IT infrastructure.

SAC, through TTAC, may also provide recommendations to the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office upon request.

The committee's roster is available from the CCC Chancellor's Office Technology and Telecommunications Unit SAC Web page.

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